Dear friends!
Ugra is closer than may seem. 3 hours flight from Moscow - and you are in the heart of Western Siberia. You ask why fly there?
to ...

... taste Ugra

The variety of flora and fauna gave birth to the real gastronomic brands of Ugra: Sosva Herring (Latin: Coregonus Tugun, small whitefish hauled in the Northern Sosva river), Kyshyk chebak (dried dace from the village of Kyshyk), Kondinsky mushroom (mushrooms, mostly refers to cep mushrooms from the Kondinsky Municipal Area of the region, Latin: Bolétus edulis), pine nuts, cowberries and knyazhenika (literally – the berry of princes, Latin: Rubus arcticus, the Arctic bramble or Arctic raspberry) - unique products sold under the brand “Made in Ugra”. By the way, Sosva herring (or tugun) is the only freshwater herring in the world, it inhabits the Northern Sosva river (Berezovsky municipal area) and is a Ugra delicacy. Every year we host a gastronomic festival “Taste Ugra!”, where you can taste all of Ugra delicacies.

… to plunge into a winter fairy tale

Ugra will treat you to a real Siberian winter! In 2017, Khanty-Mansiysk was the “New Year's capital of Russia”. Since then, every New Year the regional capital opens Russia’s only “New Year’s Tree Residence”, a Teepee Street with a row of traditional indigenous tents instead of houses, and tracks for dog and reindeer sledding instead of roads and sidewalks. By the way, the local Santa Claus is called Ishchki-Iki. Alpine or cross-country skiing, snowboarding, ice skating, snowmobiling or walking through the snowy forest ... – all winter activities are at your service. And afterwards you can enjoy a swimming pool with warm mineral water in the open air...

… to visit a nomad camp of Khanty and Mansi

Ugra is colorful! Since ancient times, this multiethnic area has been home to small-numbered indigenous peoples. You can get in touch with the culture of Khanty and Mansi, their traditions and way of life not only in modern museums of Khanty-Mansiysk, Nizhnevartovsk, the Surgut municipal area, but also at the real ethnographic nomad camps. Here you can learn how to harness a reindeer and drive a reindeer sled, taste traditional dishes of the northern peoples’ cuisine and even ... live in a teepee for a while! The Ob river Ugric peoples’ rich cultural heritage and unique way of life are a real magnet for travelers, tourists, scientists.

... and to take part in the holidays of the indigenous peoples of the North

Ugra is not just tasty, it is also very spectacular. The Crow Bird’s Day, the Day of Oblas (a traditional indigenous dugout boat), Reindeer Herder's Day are some of Ugra’s most vibrant events, spiced with local flavor. Every year, near the town of Nefteyugansk, a tournament for the Cup of the Ugra Governor is held, a kayaking race in dugout boats made of a whole trunk of cedar, aspen or poplar, 4 m or more in length. Want to learn how to use such a boat or master the art of throwing the tynzyan (lasso) onto a khorey (long pole used to drive a team of reindeer)? - Ugra is waiting for you.

… to conquer the highest mountain of the Urals Range

That’s a long way up! Mountains of the Subpolar Urals are pearls scattered along the northwestern border of Ugra. The highest peak, Mount Narodnaya, 1,894.5 meters high, is in the Berezovsky municipal area. Winter snowmobile expeditions or summer climbing expeditions to Narodnaya or Nyar-Oyka, include visiting an abandoned mine at the unique Dodo quartz and rock crystal deposit, fishing at the Zeyskie Lakes – to name but a few activities the Polar Urals can offer.

… to see Russia’s first floating chapel beacon

There is a place near Khanty-Mansiysk that contains power, a place where two great Siberian rivers – the Ob and the Irtysh – join together. The place took the first place in the Wonders of Russia festival contest, and the title of a Magic Place of Russia. There is a floating beacon with a chapel at the confluence of the Ob and the Irtysh. The height of the chapel is 8 meters and it weighs 10 tons! It is the only floating chapel in Russia. In 2013, it was consecrated by His Holiness Patriarch Kirill of Moscow and All Russia.

… to see how oil is pumped

Did you know that almost half of all Russia’s oil and more than 5% of the world’s oil is produced in Ugra? For reference, this is more than all of Canada, Kuwait or China produces every year! Want to visit a real oil field? During an oil tour, you will visit the first exploratory well “R-1” of the Samotlor field, learn about the rich oil history of the development of Western Siberia. And you will have a souvenir to take home – a drop of Ugra’s oil.

… to find yourself among stone age people

There was a time when Ugra was inhabited by mammoths, woolly rhinos and cave lions. Not far from Khanty-Mansiysk, excavations are underway where archaeologists continue to discover well-preserved remains of prehistoric giants. Today, they can be seen in the “Man and Nature Museum” or in the cultural and tourist center “Archeopark”. Want a selfie with an 8-meter tall bronze mammoth or a primeval man? Then Khanty-Mansiysk is a must-see for you.

… just to go fishing

While rivers and lakes of Ugra abound with many species of fish, including valuable ones, many fishermen come here for a trophy pike. We have a plenty fishing places! If you're lucky, you can catch a pike weighing 17 kg or more. Conditions have been created at tourist bases for fishing both in the traditional way, as the Khanty and Mansi have done since ancient times, but also using modern fishing tackle. Note that the fishing season in Ugra lasts almost all year round.

… visit one of the country's largest oceanariums

Oceanarium “Aquatica” is located in the town of Kogalym. A giant 3,5 million liter “tank” (as ichthyologists call aquariums) is home to 18 sharks, 3 giant morays, bloodthirsty piranhas, bull rays, a globefish, crocodiles, turtles ... But there is more than exotic inhabitants that make Aquatica so attractive to its guests. Here you can dive 4 meters deep in the main saltwater aquarium and swim together with the sharks! Or try Flowrider indoor surfing.



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