Appeal of the Governor of Ugra


April 03, 2019

The annual appeal of the Governor of Ugra Natalia Komarova to the residents of the Autonomous Okrug, deputies and members of the public

"Ugra follows the truth – even minor additives in the alloy of peoples make it stronger. The synthesis of peoples and cultures triggers a chain reaction of discoveries, technological and social breakthroughs. This formula of civil accord and peaceful development has passed the test of time".

2018 is an anniversary year for Russia and Ugra. The Constitution of the country, which established the status of the Autonomous Okrug as an equal subject of the Russian Federation, marks a quarter of a century. This milestone coincided with the 900th anniversary of the first mention of Ugra in Russian historical chronicles.

Ugra follows the truth – even minor additives in the alloy of peoples make it stronger. The synthesis of peoples and cultures triggers a chain reaction of discoveries, technological and social breakthroughs. This formula of civil accord and peaceful development has passed the test of time.

Ugra is a family for 124 nations, 1 million 662 thousand people. A family united by mutual respect and trust, care and responsibility.

These qualities were clearly manifested during the election of the President of the Russian Federation. The results of the vote confirmed that we care what direction the country will develop.

Involvement allowed in the joint work of the government, experts and citizens to move from the question "what measure is right?" to the development of an algorithm: "how to make sure that these measures provide positive changes in everyone's life".

Ugra residents proposed 4,402 solutions aimed at the implementation of national goals set by Russian President Vladimir Putin. As the saying of the Khanty people goes: "Thought has quick feet". Especially when these thoughts are the result of 346 hours of work of thousands of Ugra residents.

The work of such multi-thousand team will be continued in the implementation of the plan, including as part of the district project teams. I thank all Ugra residents for their activity and effectiveness of joint work!



The gross regional product increased by 2.7 % and for the first time exceeded 3 trillion 396 billion rubles.

Since 2010, GRP has grown more than 1.7 times, revenues of the consolidated budget of the Okrug increased by 1.6 times. The dynamics of this growth is determined by investment policy, special tax regimes that support business activity.

This incentive system has shown effectiveness, with which analytical agencies are in solidarity. According to their estimates, our region is the second in the country in the ranking of the effectiveness of regional tax policy. Credit rating of Ugra is in the zone of the best indicators for the regions of Russia.

A base has been created to take the next qualitative step – to synchronize the possibilities of the tax system with the need to achieve national development goals. I instruct the economic unit of the government, in partnership with the expert and business community, to complete the development of appropriate measures in 2019.


967 billion investments were attracted, their share in GRP was 28.5 %. In terms of investment per capita Ugra ranks third among the regions of Russia. Every fourth ruble of the consolidated budget was directed to support the sectors of the economy in the current year.

These are investments in jobs, in the localization of strategic competencies in Ugra. The list of state support measures has been expanded, preferential loans have been introduced on the terms of Federal and regional co-financing for projects that increase the level of localization of final Russian products.

Among the new industrial enterprises:

  • In Surgut, Haylon Chinese holding created a plant for the application of protective polymer coating on the inner surface of the oil grade pipes;
  • In Izluchinsk, Epic 380 opened a plant for the production of pumping units for hydraulic fracturing;
  • In Nizhnevartovsk, Baker Hughes opened a plant for the production of electric centrifugal pump units for the mechanized extraction of mineral resources. As investors note, digital technologies, that will be used in the production of units, will increase efficiency in the development of oil and gas fields.

This year, the Okrug government approved the launch of projects significant for the diversification of the economy. Among them are the Severstal metalworking complex, the Ugra production and logistics industrial park.

272 investment projects are being implemented with the support of the authorities. 62 projects worth more than 54 billion rubles, the work on which began this year, are among them.

In 2019, investors plan to open 2 industrial parks:

  • In Nizhnevartovsk – Yashil Park - Siberia specializing in the processing of industrial waste;
  • In Surgut – Ugra park, focused on the production of goods and equipment for energy companies.

The system of state support of investment activity formed in the Autonomous Okrug influenced the entry of Ugra into the group of regions-leaders of the National rating of the investment climate.

The activity of investors ensures the stability of the labor market. Ugra is in the top five regions of the country with minimal unemployment.

Small and medium-sized businesses make a significant contribution to the development of the labor market. This year, entrepreneurs have created 3 thousand 200 permanent jobs, 400 new small businesses.

To maintain a positive trend in this direction, it was decided to extend the reduced rates for small businesses using the simplified tax system.


The growth of real wages was 3.7 % compared to the level of 2017. Economic policy, the implementation of the regional action plan to create conditions for increasing incomes contributed to the withdrawal of this indicator from the stagnation zone. The purchasing power of the average income per capita of a Ugra resident is 3 times the cost of living.


For the first time in 10 years, the projected volumes of oil production in Ugra at the end of 2018 are at the level of the previous year. Stabilization of oil production volumes is an important result.

Special tax regimes made it possible to reach record levels of production drilling, targeted administrative measures contributed to the accelerated commissioning of fields into commercial operation.

Projects for the introduction of digital and lean technologies worked to improve the efficiency of the industry. I would like to note the Bazhen project implemented jointly with the Russian Ministry of Energy and Gazpromneft. Its goal is to ensure the cost-effective development of Bazhenov Suite with the use of domestic technologies and equipment.

In accordance with the memorandum signed this year with the Ministry of Industry and Trade of Russia, it is planned to conclude special investment contracts for accelerated implementation of the project.