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Project name Company name Production Area Sector Goods amount, roubles
CJSC AKROSILTEKS-Ugra CJSC AKROSILTEKS-Ugra Extra-hard tapestry bricks, paving stones, roofing materials, insulation material (production is scheduled to start in 2015-2016) Khanti-Mansiysk 0
CJSC AKROSILTEKS-Ugra CJSC AKROSILTEKS-Ugra Construction materials: ultrastrong tapestry brick, pavestone for pavements and squares, roofing materials and a wide range of environmentally friendly and energy-saving, as well as fireproof insulation materials for residential and industrial building Khanti-Mansiysk 0
CJSC SIBITEK CJSC SIBITEK Coiled tubing units, specialised automotive vehicles for oil and gas industry, maintenance services, sale of spare parts and consumables Surgut Fuel and energy complex 0
CJSC Transekologiya (Transecology) CJSC Transekologiya (Transecology) Product/Service Amphibious hovercraft vehicles “SK-10” (“СК-10”), small amphibious hovercraft vehicles (SAHV) “Corsar” Implementation effect Elaboration and manufacturing of small amphibious hovercraft vehicles (SAHV), aimed to create a radically new year-round transportation system for passengers and cargos. Economic benefits (volume of production in monetary terms) RUR 3 million Khanti-Mansiysk Instrument engineering and transport 3
LLC Alensio-ATV-inforM LLC Alensio-ATV-inforM Universal flight simulator based on a three-stage motion system, with visualization and control software package (production is scheduled for 2014) Nefteyugansk Instrument engineering and transport 0
LLC Alternativa-Tsentr (Alternative-Centre) LLC Alternativa-Tsentr (Alternative-Centre) monitoring of functional state of staff on enterprises Khanti-Mansiysk 0
LLC ANT-UgraDorStroy LLC ANT-UgraDorStroy “ANT” - stabilizer for soil and organo-mineral mixtures Surgut 7
LLC Argosi-Ugra LLC Argosi-Ugra In-line moisture meter for oil industry (since 2015) Khanti-Mansiysk Fuel and energy complex 0
LLC Arkhitrav (Architrave) LLC Arkhitrav (Architrave) Ceramic bricks (production will begin in 2016) Khanti-Mansiysk Construction and housing and public utilities 0
LLC BASTION-86 LLC BASTION-86 Construction materials based on foamed concrete with reinforcing made of composite materials and magnetically charged water Khanti-Mansiysk 0
LLC Biospektr (Biospectrum) LLC Biospektr (Biospectrum) Product/Service Medical services provided with the help of a proprietary multifunctional medical complex (services have been provided since 2014) Implementation effect Acceleration of the majority of therapeutic effects for a number of diseases, treatment without expensive medications. Khanti-Mansiysk 0
LLC Brand Factor LLC Brand Factor mobile technological complex PKS-5G-T Nizhnevartovsk 0
LLC Capital Plus Group LLC Capital Plus Group Technology transfer services (since 2016) Khanti-Mansiysk 0
LLC Centr Sociologicheskih I Marketingovyx Issledovaniy Ugra-Trend (Ugra-Trend Centre for Sociological and Market Research) LLC Centr Sociologicheskih I Marketingovyx Issledovaniy Ugra-Trend (Ugra-Trend Centre for Sociological and Market Research) Services associated with marketing and sociological research. Databases (since 2014) Khanti-Mansiysk 0
LLC Doubleteck LLC Doubleteck Software for monitoring of the corporate information system “Looker” users activities Khanti-Mansiysk 0
LLC DzhimMeditsin LLC DzhimMeditsin The main advantages of the application are: easy and convenient access to information about the child as he/she grows up, until the age of three; availability of child’s height and weight charts, etc. and of dynamic of the child’s lab test results; monitoring of deviations and availability of necessary information on the ideal parameters or deviations from the norm, as well as indication of their impact; useful advices throughout the monitoring period. Khanti-Mansiysk 0
LLC ECO Svet (ECO Light) LLC ECO Svet (ECO Light) Services for demercurization of fluorescent lamps (2014); Energy saving lamps (2016) Surgut Construction and housing and public utilities 0
LLC Ecostroy (Ecobuilding) LLC Ecostroy (Ecobuilding) Building material "Schepoblok" - since 2015 Khanti-Mansiysk Construction and housing and public utilities 0
LLC Ekotekhnologii (Ecotechnologies) LLC Ekotekhnologii (Ecotechnologies) The new insulating material consists of processed pulp and paper waste, an antiseptic (e.g. boric acid), flame retardants, etc. All components of this material are non-toxic, non-volatile natural ingredients, harmless for humans. Khanti-Mansiysk Environmental technologies 0
LLC Ekotekhnologii (Ecotechnologies) LLC Ekotekhnologii (Ecotechnologies) Residential solid waste collection services Khanti-Mansiysk Environmental technologies 6