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National business initiative

National Entrepreneurial Initiative is a completely new approach to business climate establishment, when it is not an official, but business itself, i.e. the main consumer of the climate and services, sets requirements for parties of the process

V. V. Putin

Within the framework of implementation of the National Entrepreneurial Initiative, an action plan (road map) for investment climate improvement in Khanty-Mansiysk Autonomous Okrug — Ugra was adopted and is being implemented.

4 task forces are permanently operating in the priority areas of favorable investment climate establishment in Ugra: Institutions for Business, Regulatory Environment, Resources and Infrastructure, and Support to Small Size Entrepreneurship

Results of the action plan (road map) implementation

Regulatory environment 



Time for legal person registration

11.41 days

11.03 days

Time for obtaining of construction permits

145.45 days

131.2 days

Time for ownership registration

20.92 days

15.52 days

Time for connection to power grids

124.55 days 

85 days

Institutions for Business



 Number of additional documents requested

2.64 a year

1.89 a year

 Number of control and supervision measures

1.6 a year

1.39 a year

 Share of companies, that faces administrative pressure

17 %

16 %

Resources and Infrastructure



Share of roads compliant with the standards

83.47 %

85.29 %

Time limits for cadaster registration

38.3 days

25.5 days

Support to Small Size Entrepreneurship



Share of the number of small and medium size company employees in the total number of those employed

14.79 %

15.36 %

Estimated affordability of credit resources

2.98 points

2.99 points