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Unified portal of foreign economic information of the Russian Federation

Common Foreign Trade Information Portal of the Russian Federation information and search system (http://www.ved.gov.ru) is developed by the Ministry of Economic Development in order to promote development and improve efficiency of foreign trade of the Russian Federation.

The system is to be filled in by structural units of the Ministry, representative offices of the Russian Federation in the area of trade and economy in foreign countries. Besides, information is provided by administrations of constituent entities of the Russian Federation, entrepreneurial and industrial unions and associations, as well as Russian export companies themselves. Operations of the information resource shall be ensured by the Department for Coordination, Development and Regulation of Foreign Trade Activities. The main tasks of the system include information and consultation support for Russian and foreign agents of foreign trade, as well as support to promotion of Russian goods and services on foreign markets. 

The portal provides following services: Russian export catalog, service of requests to representative offices of the Russian Federation in the area of trade in foreign countries, register of business missions, including applications for participation in the same, and press releases on results; service of company interview; information on foreign tenders, exhibitions, conferences; information on currency exchange rates in foreign countries; information on current time, etc. 

Within the framework of Support to Access to Foreign Markets and Export project of the Ministry of Economic Development of Russia, Russian companies interested in respective goods and services promotion on foreign markets are provided with the possibility to send requests via the portal to obtain necessary information from any representative offices of the Russian Federation in the area of trade in foreign countries. 

Representative offices in the area of trade accept requests from exporters, prepare, and provide information on following issues: 

· contact details of foreign organizations; 

· provision of main data on foreign companies/ organizations (except for contact details); 

· possibility and conditions of participation in business events in the country of presence; 

· preparation of a list of business events in the country of presence; 

· informing of prospective foreign partners on the applicant's activities; 

· search for prospective partners; certificate on condition of certain goods market of the country of presence; 

· certificate on trade regime in the country of presence. 

The service is available for Russian companies that implement or plan to implement export activities. To use the service, one shall fulfill the registration procedure at the portal. Registration and use of the service are free of charge. 

Send a request to representative office in the area of trade.