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Natural and Climatic Conditions

The climate of the okrug is distinctly continental, described by fast changes in weather conditions. The winter is harsh and long with seasonal snow cover; summer is short and relatively warm, transition seasons (spring, fall) feature late freezing in spring and early freezing in fall.

The lowest air temperatures in winter are registered in the valley of the Vakh River in the Nizhnevartovsk district. The average temperature in the okrug in January is from -18 ° to -24 °C. The absolute minimum of air temperature in our okrug is from -48 ° to -60 °.

Till mid-June, freezing is not a rare case. The warmest month is July; the average temperature is from +15.7 to +18.4 C. The annual duration of sunshine in the district is from 1,600 to 1,900 hours, 1,765 hours in Khanty-Mansiysk. The absolute maximum of air temperature within the okrug is from +34º to +37º. The average annual amount of precipitations in the okrug is 443-610 mm. The maximum amount of precipitations is in July and August.